Architects & Specifiers

Our team of field-based Project Consultants work closely with our in-house contracts design and administration team to provide architects with expert guidance and assistance. We can advise on the application of products, implementation of Building Regulations, facade’s Standards and other issues such as product specifications, usage, maintenance and safety. Complementary to this, our Product Support Department has an invaluable database of experience on every aspect of our product range.

We also understand that the specification process is influenced by client demands to obtain best value. We are keen to participate in site visits, design meetings and execution planning. Design stages can be formalised through written specification documents and supported by samples, literature and drawings for consultation or planning issues.

We frequently meet an architect, PMC, Contractors and the end-user to know more and more about their requirement in the field of Windows and Doors. We always welcome the new ideas to deal, which makes our experience rich and reliable. We run different programs in which people visit our factory and showroom to know about the real test and technology of windows and doors.

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