Old civil practices with wooden windows required windows frames to be installed at the beginning of, or during the civil work. However, in the case of Perfect Glaze (India) Pvt. Ltd, the complete window comes as one unit and is fitted after all civil work is over.

Installation Process

  • The measurement of each aperture is taken by our experts and this information is used to make technical drawings of each window and doors design with the use of softwares.
  • These drawings are sent to the fabrication unit with instructions for manufacturing of window and door according to the site.
  • After completion of manufacturing, the quality process of window and door begins. The final products are dispatched to the site on the prescribed date for installation.
  • The windows and doors are fixed in each aperture with maintaining high levels of accuracy.
  • Gaps between the masonry and the frame are filled with premium quality silicone (sealant).
  • The correct stage of installation of Perfect Glaze (India) Pvt. Ltd products is right before the completion of plastering or the first coat of paint. The installation area should be clear of unnecessary materials to avoid damage to the windows and doors.

With Client service becoming the new marketing, we are pleased to say that Perfect Glaze has excelled in providing service since its very inception. The service starts from the very beginning and is included in every aspect and stage of the user experience.